Out with the toxic…in with the positive!

Over the past month I've been working on my goals. I've found that setting clear goals for myself keeps me productive and brings a certain amount of peace in my life. I've been focused on keeping the negative influences out and the positive in. This has caused me to change the way I do things … Continue reading Out with the toxic…in with the positive!

Boundaries….A bit of a Rant

I don't have a problem saying no. It's just hard saying no to the people that are really close to me, especially when I know they're in need. I don't know why I feel such a great responsibility for the ones around me, but I do. As a result of being somewhat of a people … Continue reading Boundaries….A bit of a Rant

Subconscious Reality

I wrote this poem some months ago in the middle of a conversation I was having. I recently read it and immediately thought to trash it. I read it a few more times and started to remember the feelings I was having while writing this. By the fifth or sixth time reading it I thought … Continue reading Subconscious Reality

Old poetry and journals coming to YOU!!!!(Just a subtle FYI)

I've been going through poems I've written, short stories I've begun, and countless other writings I have. I'll be posting some work to the blog. I have to be honest, some may be good, some may not be "to your liking". But I promise to do my best to: 1) Check for spelling and grammatical … Continue reading Old poetry and journals coming to YOU!!!!(Just a subtle FYI)

I've been writing a lot lately. Free writing.....this will be another example of that. There are so many thoughts and ideas running through my head and not enough place to store them. So, as unorganized as these thoughts may be, I've decided to share them. Today, has been somewhat of a lazy day, yet filled … Continue reading

It’s coming together….slowly but surely

I'm in a state of calmness and I'm more than thankful for that. Today was Labor Day, a day typically when people are off from work and children are out of school. Today, my fabulous 4 and I, we worked. We got schoolwork done, cleaned, they worked my nerves, we planned, we chilled, I fussed … Continue reading It’s coming together….slowly but surely

Upcoming Birthday!

My birthday is exactly a month away! Despite everything negative that seems to be lingering in my life, I'm actually excited about this birthday. Truth be told, I have a lot to be excited about. New job, publishing possibilities, school, body goals being met, and of course my Birthday! This has been a pretty tough … Continue reading Upcoming Birthday!