Out with the toxic…in with the positive!

Over the past month I've been working on my goals. I've found that setting clear goals for myself keeps me productive and brings a certain amount of peace in my life. I've been focused on keeping the negative influences out and the positive in. This has caused me to change the way I do things … Continue reading Out with the toxic…in with the positive!

Old poetry and journals coming to YOU!!!!(Just a subtle FYI)

I've been going through poems I've written, short stories I've begun, and countless other writings I have. I'll be posting some work to the blog. I have to be honest, some may be good, some may not be "to your liking". But I promise to do my best to: 1) Check for spelling and grammatical … Continue reading Old poetry and journals coming to YOU!!!!(Just a subtle FYI)

Mommy Time Out 😩

I think I need a mommy time out. Literally. I need time to pause. I need to be put in a corner, by myself. I shouldn't be allowed to talk and no one should be allowed to talk to me. My kids are driving me a little crazy right now. I'm not sure if it's … Continue reading Mommy Time Out 😩

Delayed Grief of my Granny

Today is the 15th anniversary of my grandmother's death. August 6, 2003 (and 7th too) are days that have been buried deep down. The emotions, the feelings, the smells, and sounds of those days are buried deep in my memory. Truth is, I never really grieved her death. Occasionally, over the last 15 years I've … Continue reading Delayed Grief of my Granny

I’m drowning

I'm drowning. I keep gasping for air and being ignored and in some cases pushed right back down. In this moment, I can't do this. This is painful, literally and figuratively. I'm tired. I don't have the fight in me right now. The last 24 hours have been more than enough to say "Fuck It"! … Continue reading I’m drowning

Day 1……again

I've been reflecting on my current situation....a lot. Calamity and turmoil isn't something that I'm new to. Yet, for some reason I've continued to allow the shock effect to take over my emotions. What's worse, I've continued to ignore the fact that I've actually gone back to a place....I'll just say it's an unhealthy space … Continue reading Day 1……again


I’ll like to tell a story of a girl Similar to the birds and bees From the humble beginnings Beginnings like Adam and Eve Product of Bonnie, no Clyde Faster as the wind would allow Quickness as a strength Living constantly on the run Grief caused the distraction Alternative routes appearing Once just a long … Continue reading Discovery