Sorry for the delay…..I was being a brat. Happy New Year! (Struggle with writer’s block)

I've struggled with writing my New Year post. It's so many things I've been waiting to say but so many things stopping me. I think it has caused writer's block. In the times that I've wanted to write everything has seemed so "Ugh". But today, I had to meet my deadline. So "I fake got … Continue reading Sorry for the delay…..I was being a brat. Happy New Year! (Struggle with writer’s block)

Mommy Time Out 😩

I think I need a mommy time out. Literally. I need time to pause. I need to be put in a corner, by myself. I shouldn't be allowed to talk and no one should be allowed to talk to me. My kids are driving me a little crazy right now. I'm not sure if it's … Continue reading Mommy Time Out 😩

21 day(no meat) challenge Complete!!!

My children and I challenged each other to a no meat challenge some weeks back. I admit, it seriously was a challenge and I actually missed meat....a lot! I've done cleanses and even went vegan before (with failed consistency). I can't remember why we came up with the idea or the conversation that lead to … Continue reading 21 day(no meat) challenge Complete!!!

Update(It’s been a while, sorry)

I've had the hardest time writing or at least completing my writings. Seems as if life has just been going by and my words have stopped or been limited. It's a mind thing. It's an excuse at minimum. I guess I got lazy and a little fearful...... My Poetry I've said before that my poetry … Continue reading Update(It’s been a while, sorry)

I've been writing a lot lately. Free writing.....this will be another example of that. There are so many thoughts and ideas running through my head and not enough place to store them. So, as unorganized as these thoughts may be, I've decided to share them. Today, has been somewhat of a lazy day, yet filled … Continue reading

Upcoming Birthday!

My birthday is exactly a month away! Despite everything negative that seems to be lingering in my life, I'm actually excited about this birthday. Truth be told, I have a lot to be excited about. New job, publishing possibilities, school, body goals being met, and of course my Birthday! This has been a pretty tough … Continue reading Upcoming Birthday!

My coping mechanisms

Today has been pretty rough. See post, Delayed Grief of my Granny At this moment, I feel a sense of calmness, not peace, but calm. I've had time to self medicate and breathe. Which brings me to this post. I read a lot of blogs, articles, IG post, E-Books, etc about mental health. A lot of the … Continue reading My coping mechanisms