Blessed with 2 Dads

Celebrating Father's Day has always been a big deal with me especially after realizing how challenging parenting can be. Let's add to the fact that I'm somewhat of a daddy's girl. I often tell people that I have two daddies because...well I'm blessed 🤷🏾‍♀️. I call my dad PawPaw and so does his grands. My … Continue reading Blessed with 2 Dads

Can I have some space, please???

I've been staying at my sister's and my toddler has pooped on the floor everyday since we've been here. This morning is decided he would just save me the trouble of getting up and he went "poopie" by himself. Please understand this was in no way a good thing. Let's also add, I'm currently responsible … Continue reading Can I have some space, please???

Moving…..with Kids

Here's the deal. I'm moving with 4 children. Kids ranging from ages 11-2 years old. It's complete chaos right now. My energy is off, I've been fighting my emotions all day, I have a ton of homework that is past due and I'm Moving with 4 Kids! The sucker punch of the day, somebody drunk … Continue reading Moving…..with Kids

#TBT Kid Edition

I'm scrolling through social media toady and notice it's #ThrowbackThursday. I ran across a few sweet babies and videos of kids just doing cute kid stuff. I immediately started to thing about my baby who is now a toddler. I smiled a little thinking about how sweet it was having a baby around the house. … Continue reading #TBT Kid Edition

Mommy Pooch?

Today I took some full body pictures. I compared them to pictures that I took last year around this time. The disappointment in knowing that I'm still not at my goal. I did something different with that disappointment. Instead of bottling it up and pouring it into my anxiously awaiting soul, I looked at the … Continue reading Mommy Pooch?

My Unicorn

Today was an emotional day. It was the last day of school. This is by far one of my favorite times of year. I get to spend time with the children and….YES, sleep in. It’s also one of my favorite times of year because I get to enjoy my eldest. She’s 11 and this is … Continue reading My Unicorn