A Toddler Story

I've been blessed to be able to give birth 4 times!!! My oldest being 12, I would say I'm a "seasoned" mom. (I'm sure that will cause laughter from the moms with teen and adult children) I haven't had the opportunity to go through the teen years, which I'm sure are brutal. However, I've had … Continue reading A Toddler Story

Man Down!!! My toddler has been sick for days….BUT

Toddlers are annoying. Definitely my least favorite stage, with the peak being around 26 months.( That's 2 months after their second birthday for THOSE people) I would like to skip over that period all together. That's the potty training period. That's also the period when you have to explain to a 40 pound little person … Continue reading Man Down!!! My toddler has been sick for days….BUT

Mommy Time Out 😩

I think I need a mommy time out. Literally. I need time to pause. I need to be put in a corner, by myself. I shouldn't be allowed to talk and no one should be allowed to talk to me. My kids are driving me a little crazy right now. I'm not sure if it's … Continue reading Mommy Time Out 😩

21 day(no meat) challenge Complete!!!

My children and I challenged each other to a no meat challenge some weeks back. I admit, it seriously was a challenge and I actually missed meat....a lot! I've done cleanses and even went vegan before (with failed consistency). I can't remember why we came up with the idea or the conversation that lead to … Continue reading 21 day(no meat) challenge Complete!!!

It’s coming together….slowly but surely

I'm in a state of calmness and I'm more than thankful for that. Today was Labor Day, a day typically when people are off from work and children are out of school. Today, my fabulous 4 and I, we worked. We got schoolwork done, cleaned, they worked my nerves, we planned, we chilled, I fussed … Continue reading It’s coming together….slowly but surely

More Patience?

I'm in transition. Some days are really rough. Truthfully, some days I just don't want to deal with anyone. Some days I'm so drained and emotionally tired that I don't have anything to give anyone. However, I also have children that are in transition. I'm not sure why it's so easy to forget that my … Continue reading More Patience?

Can I order the Good Life and a side of restarts?

I couldn't sleep last night. A lot of tossing and turning, some face kicks( thanks to my oldest), a few forced pushes out the bed and finally a trip to the couch where I ended up catching a 10 minute nap before giving up on sleep all together. It's so many things that's been on … Continue reading Can I order the Good Life and a side of restarts?