Boundaries….A bit of a Rant

I don't have a problem saying no. It's just hard saying no to the people that are really close to me, especially when I know they're in need. I don't know why I feel such a great responsibility for the ones around me, but I do. As a result of being somewhat of a people … Continue reading Boundaries….A bit of a Rant

Subconscious Reality

I wrote this poem some months ago in the middle of a conversation I was having. I recently read it and immediately thought to trash it. I read it a few more times and started to remember the feelings I was having while writing this. By the fifth or sixth time reading it I thought … Continue reading Subconscious Reality

Sorry for the delay…..I was being a brat. Happy New Year! (Struggle with writer’s block)

I've struggled with writing my New Year post. It's so many things I've been waiting to say but so many things stopping me. I think it has caused writer's block. In the times that I've wanted to write everything has seemed so "Ugh". But today, I had to meet my deadline. So "I fake got … Continue reading Sorry for the delay…..I was being a brat. Happy New Year! (Struggle with writer’s block)

My Ming Ling(A story of a protective friend)

I haven't written in a while. Part of the reason being, I've been too emotional recently. I was told by a close friend to be mindful of the message I may be putting out. Not that I disagree completely but it kind of put me in a place that I felt like I needed to … Continue reading My Ming Ling(A story of a protective friend)

Untitled….for Now..

I wrote this about 3 years ago. I named it, then removed it. Looking for feedback. Maybe a new name for it. Constructive feedback. I consider myself an artist, so needless to say, I'm sensitive about my work. Either way....enjoy.   I have a friend that never told an ear about all my insecurities or … Continue reading Untitled….for Now..

Wanna be my friend….or nah?

So today, I shot my shot. I feel the need for oils, teas, and herbs. I don’t know why I feel like a “nerd” or “thirsty”. Truth be told, I feel a little bit of rejection already. Anxiety has most definitely been triggered. Everything seems really loud right now and I’m trying to focus on … Continue reading Wanna be my friend….or nah?