Overqualified, Overworked, and underpaid?

Out of all the things that I said I planned to be when I grew up, I can assure you being verbally abused/attacked, overworked and underappreciated were not a part of those plans. Entrepreneurship was not necessarily a part of my thought process when I younger. Everyone around me went to work. Professional “corporate America” … Continue reading Overqualified, Overworked, and underpaid?

A Toddler Story

I've been blessed to be able to give birth 4 times!!! My oldest being 12, I would say I'm a "seasoned" mom. (I'm sure that will cause laughter from the moms with teen and adult children) I haven't had the opportunity to go through the teen years, which I'm sure are brutal. However, I've had … Continue reading A Toddler Story

Out with the toxic…in with the positive!

Over the past month I've been working on my goals. I've found that setting clear goals for myself keeps me productive and brings a certain amount of peace in my life. I've been focused on keeping the negative influences out and the positive in. This has caused me to change the way I do things … Continue reading Out with the toxic…in with the positive!

Boundaries….A bit of a Rant

I don't have a problem saying no. It's just hard saying no to the people that are really close to me, especially when I know they're in need. I don't know why I feel such a great responsibility for the ones around me, but I do. As a result of being somewhat of a people … Continue reading Boundaries….A bit of a Rant

Man Down!!! My toddler has been sick for days….BUT

Toddlers are annoying. Definitely my least favorite stage, with the peak being around 26 months.( That's 2 months after their second birthday for THOSE people) I would like to skip over that period all together. That's the potty training period. That's also the period when you have to explain to a 40 pound little person … Continue reading Man Down!!! My toddler has been sick for days….BUT