A Year of Growth….

This time last year…..

I was feeling free a year ago. Literally, not costing anything. Spent. Dare I say worthless? Live was moving fast, faster than I prepared for. Halfway through the year, still recovering from the doozy 2017 dealt, and completely Free. The Summer I planned in my head were at odds with the Summer that I was receiving. The conflict emotions and spiraling world around me would eventually lead me to another period of depression. I tried my hardness to fight the depression away. I found a little strength in speaking to God and others. The words I speaking….well that’s a different story. I’m blessed I had wise people going to God on my behalf. The power of prayer is amazing.

This year, well….let’s just say I have the issues I prayed for? That sounds crazy, I know. I went through so much and was in so much pain that I knew prayer was necessary. I also knew that that period was a time that I needed to increase my faith. So, my prayers were never about removing the pain, trouble, and trials, but to give me less “stressful issues”. I’m laughing at myself as I type this. I remember being unemployed and stressing over everything that came with being unemployed. Just thinking about some of my prayers during that time makes me sad and gives me hope. Again, I’m blessed to have wise people praying on behalf. The power of the tongue…..

If nothing else I do believe there is great Power in your words Life, especially this past year, has proven that to me over and over again. Another reason I have such an admiration and appreciation for words. They hold Power, I believe we are all blessed with the ability to change our circumstances by speaking it. You just have to know how to tap into it. I’m still learning. Today, I’m inspired by the word of God and what it says to me. The Word told me to be anxious for nothing and to make my request known(Philippians 4:6-7). It says that I can do all things through Christ(Philippians 4:13), which has proven to be true through this last year. Jeremiah 29:11 has been a go to scripture for me as a constant reminder that God’s understanding and Will is much greater than my own. When things start to go haywire and I’m having all kinds of doubts this scripture alone as brought an understanding that, it’s all necessary. I know that God’s plan for my life is far greater than I can comprehend, so with every trial I know that it is for my good. This allows me to be thankful for both good and bad times. For me, this is real growth!

As I prepare for the week and think about the new challenges that has presented themselves, I am hopeful. I am grateful and most importantly I am Not worried. I know that with whatever happens, God is in control and His plans are greater than mine. I have faith that God would not bring any obstacle in my way that will bury or drown me. With this knowledge, I thank God for everything that’s happening. I will continuously speak LIFE (and not death) over issues and situations that I have no control over because I know the power of my words. I am thankful for the patience of God because I promise you this hasn’t been an easy lesson to learn. With obedience, I’m sure to grow more in year 2.

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