A Toddler Story

I’ve been blessed to be able to give birth 4 times!!! My oldest being 12, I would say I’m a “seasoned” mom. (I’m sure that will cause laughter from the moms with teen and adult children) I haven’t had the opportunity to go through the teen years, which I’m sure are brutal. However, I’ve had 4 toddlers of my own and let me tell you……the struggle JUST got real.

I’ve previously blogged about my current toddler situation Man Down!!! My toddler has been sick for days….BUT and I’ve talked about it on my Instagram (follow me @purposedkaj). It’s rough. Or maybe I was really naive to believe it gets easier with each child. The thing is, my oldest 2(who are girls) were such a pleasure to have around. They had manners. They made me feel like I was doing it right…..

So I had more……..

This time around, I had boys. Little boys are interesting. They are different. So different that it solidifies my decision to stop the baby factory at 4. Not that I don’t love children, but toddlers are DIFFERENT! They have this neediness that I’m not sure I understand. A lot of times they want to be independent in dependent situations but extremely dependent in independent situations. Let us not forget how they’re big drama Kings/Queens Example:

Recently I asked my son (3, or 39 months for those people….) if he would pick up a toy(His toy) that was on the floor. For whatever reason, he threw himself onto the floor in shear disbelief of my request and said “It’s too heavy mama.” Shortly after he pretended to not see the huge Spider-Man action figure 2 feet in front of him. Later on that day, after dinner, he insisted on trying to pour himself juice with, “I got it!!! I not a baby!” He eventually had a meltdown because I was Not about to re-clean a kitchen due to spilled juice, which would have been the result had he poured it.

And the demands……..

I’ve been told that I talk “hard” or that I’m very “direct”. Of course, I keep this in mind when I’m interacting with my children. My toddler has a tendency to make “aggressive request” that often leaves me feeling offended…sometimes even with my feelings hurt. My toddler also likes to give you “your options” prior to him asking. Examples of these include:

Mama can I have an orange, say yes or yes?

Mommmmmy, I’m sleeping with Yooouuu, yes or later?

Maaaaaamaaaa, I not doing it, okay?

Okay….so the last example was just him telling me off BUT I hope he knows who runs the show……because I’m not really confident in who it is….

Overall, this toddler stage is really a drag……

Until they come up and give you the biggest hugs and kisses and call you best friend.

Real smooth kid…..real smooth…..

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