Out with the toxic…in with the positive!

Over the past month I’ve been working on my goals. I’ve found that setting clear goals for myself keeps me productive and brings a certain amount of peace in my life. I’ve been focused on keeping the negative influences out and the positive in. This has caused me to change the way I do things and the way I interact with others. Unfortunately, sometimes there are slip ups and I’m learning that some habits are harder to break than others.

I’ve done a pretty good job at listening to my instincts and staying away from things that disrupt my peace…..until recently. I’ve allowed certain ideas and people to come into my space and completely disrupt everything that I’ve been working toward. I don’t know why, it just happens(right?) Reality is, sometimes we seek dysfunction and chaos. Why? Because it’s comfortable. It’s familiar. It’s what we have become to know as “normal”.

Chaos and negativity have no place in my future. It was very apparent when I encountered a situation recently that not only tested my patience and peace….but I must admit it tested my gangsta ( insert gangsta rap music). Nothing in life is worth my peace. NOTHING. In that moment I had to pause and check myself. I had been caught “slipping” and I needed a moment to gather myself back together and adjust my crown(so to speak).

Misery loves company

Some people aren’t meant to be in your space. Especially when God has removed them from your life. Some relationships will have to end for advancement in your life, while others have to be limited. Prophet JoLynne Whittaker, who I absolutely love, said it best, “They just aren’t were you are, don’t want to be were you are, they are a danger to your potential because they hinder you.” Now of course in some situations it’s clear, in others it feels like you’re suppose to be there to “help” that person meet their potential. However, it’s not your job. It’s not your job to change anyone especially when they’re comfortable with failure, chaos and misery. We have to stop doing this to ourselves.

After talking to close friends, my little sister, and even my children’s father about my current dilemma it was agreed that I need to stop trying to revive dead situations. It was also agreed that some people are envious of the calling on your life and will do anything to destroy that. That’s just how the devil work. I have to stop allowing cancerous, toxic people into my space. Everyone doesn’t deserve my time and everyone doesn’t deserve my attention. It’s not my job to “save” anyone especially someone who is content with causing spiritual and or mental harm to you and themselves. It’s not worth it. I hope to keep this in mind while moving forward to my very promised future.

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