Man Down!!! My toddler has been sick for days….BUT

Toddlers are annoying. Definitely my least favorite stage, with the peak being around 26 months.( That’s 2 months after their second birthday for THOSE people) I would like to skip over that period all together. That’s the potty training period. That’s also the period when you have to explain to a 40 pound little person why you can’t carry them around Target (because Walmart isn’t safe for toddlers….or parents of toddlers) for an hour and shop. Unfortunately, after 4 children I still don’t speak toddler. The language barrier thing adds to my dislike of the toddler stage.

They are cray…

Communication with toddlers has been one of my biggest challenges in parenting in life! I don’t understand them. They don’t want to understand me. It’s tough. Then there is my youngest seed. My son has made me question my whole existence with unprovoked tantrums in public. Yes, after 3 children and 10 years of not understanding THOSE parents….I became THAT parent.

***Crazy how we remember how judgmental we Use to be…..because now…..we’re better.***

I was the parent speed walking out the store because my child has decided to forget all his good sense and decent home training. Yes, I’ve also been the parent to just let him fuss because I refuse to spend $1 on a bouncy ball that won’t make it out the store. I’ve also been that parent to “remove, discipline, and try again”. I’ve tried a lot of different things with this little one. A lot of different things have been challenged, my gangsta being the most. However, when a toddler is sick is brings by a certain amount of mommy strength. You see them as that tiny little one that you brought home. That delicate baby that needs so much care….. until they open their mouth.

My Toddler is sick

My son gives me the blues. He is definitely the ultimate sour patch kid. When he’s been ill in the past I’ve pretty much let his Dad take the lead (daddy’s boy very much) and I check in with instructions and occasional hugs and sometimes temporary body heat. The kid got sick a few days ago and it caught me off guard. He hasn’t had the typically symptoms. He hasn’t slowed down any. It came all of a sudden. Nonetheless, I flew into action. The problem is, my son is very much a talker….and “alpha mini man”. My son needs to be heard out, he needs you to understand him. This would be amazing for most people. Great, you have a kid that tells you what’s wrong with them? Cool. Easy! But… I don’t understand him. He has an unusually heavy/raspy voice for a toddler and he’s slightly tie tongued. Also, due to my own speed in conversation, my children tend to talk really fast. Add the fact that he just turned 3 years old……I don’t understand him well. This is extremely frustrating for him and leads to blow ups and melt downs.

Change is good…

With all the changing that’s been going on, I haven’t had the opportunity to restock on most of my oils, herbs, and tea. I typically try a natural approach when my children fall ill. It’s my preference and it’s worked really well for a while. I needed something quick to break my sons fever so we went the Tylenol and Motrin route this time. My son was trying to communicate the problem but became frustrated with me and begin to regress. We had to have a Come to Jesus meeting after his meltdown. In the conversation I had to reassure him that I was capable of taking care of him(he was whining for daddy) and that I needed him to properly communicate with me. Maybe it was the drugs kicking in or he was Pedialyte wasted but he responded, “OTay Mommy, I’m tired.” He then got in the bed and asked me to pray with him. I guess I must have gotten too excited about our understanding and clear communication. I begin to talk to him and he quickly said “Mama no, I said goodnight. Go to sleep go to bed, otay?” My heart smiled because I understood every word.

Still a little ill

My toddler has been communicating pretty well the last few days, which leads to fewer tantrums. We have the understanding that I will no longer allow him to speak gibberish but that I will also allow him to *RESPECTFULLY express himself. He’s still a little under the weather and slightly irritable so sometimes his request come out as demands and his replies are still…..developing. Yesterday he replied with, “I said I changed my mind..” when I asked him why he didn’t eat his food. He also got upset when he discovered a bowl of cereal I threw away and said, “why mama? I didn’t tell you nothing. That’s mine, not yours, otay!” Again, we’re working on softening up his tone. I’ve gotten his fever down and working to keep it down. I also was able to talk him into eating about 5 ounces of watermelon since he’s refusing to properly hydrate now. Although he has a thing for Sparkling water. I’m hopeful that my spunky toddler will be up and running (figuratively and literally) within the next 24 hours.

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