Subconscious Reality

I wrote this poem some months ago in the middle of a conversation I was having. I recently read it and immediately thought to trash it. I read it a few more times and started to remember the feelings I was having while writing this. By the fifth or sixth time reading it I thought it was worth a spot of the blog.

Just a heads up, the hasn’t been edited…not sure if I will or won’t. I wrote this in 15 minutes.


Subconscious Reality

With a gulp

I swallow the last ounce of pride

Listening to memories

It’s a process

But I passed the test

When I set myself

Up for the fall, possible sabotage

I conquered because I climbed

Plotting my moves as I collect

My things and dipped without

The doubt that usually linger

I moved on

I moved out of the comfort

That comfort zone

That typically left me stoned

But I was different

I moved with great caution

Not because of my motives

But because of the goals

And left you there

With thoughts and dreams

With regrets and mistakes

Feels familiar yet?

Is it real to you yet?

Remember all the nights

When I would waste my breath

My words on you

De ja vu, right?

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