Mommy Time Out 😩

I think I need a mommy time out. Literally. I need time to pause. I need to be put in a corner, by myself. I shouldn’t be allowed to talk and no one should be allowed to talk to me.

My kids are driving me a little crazy right now. I’m not sure if it’s the break away from me(overnight trip to their dad) or the the last 3 Sundays not being with them(I’ve been working on weekends) but MY GOD! Today especially has been a little draining. Let me also say, I understand why/how mimosas were really created, cause I need several. Between my 4 biological seeds and the 3 added to the mix, I severely need a mommy time out. The truth is, kids can be annoying, petty, and very very noisy. Oh so much noise!!!!

I’ll like to think of this mommy time out as a preventative measure. Typically When we put kids in time out, it’s because they’ve done or acted in a way that is less desirable. I haven’t done that…..yet. However, I feel some bad parenting or less than desirable parenting coming on and I feel this would be the perfect time to practice this. The thing is, do I tell my children I’m putting myself in timeout? Or do I just do it and let it be whatever it shall be….

As I’ve probably explained before my second eldest(8 years old) has to be the most logical and mature person I know. (Seriously, the girl is a genius) She would probably understand that they’ve driven mommy to that “special place” and now it’s time to “leave her be”. She would understand that mommy just needs a little space for a moment to process everything. She would understand mommy isn’t being mean or selfish, but it’s important to her mental health to take this time out. She would be the one to sit her brothers and sister down and say “hey guys, wanna play a game? It’s called let’s see who can NOT call mom’s name for the longest!” Knowing their competitive nature, they’ll all want to win. I love her for creating this game.

Yeah, I’ll tell them I need a time out. I’ll have approximately 28 mins before someone calls my name, unless they’re trying to break a record(it’ll be 29 in that case). Yep! I think it’s time for another “family challenge”. I literally laughed that evil laugh as I typed that.

(If anyone was wondering it took about an hour to “free write” this blog)

Okay, I’m going in!

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