Update(It’s been a while, sorry)

I’ve had the hardest time writing or at least completing my writings. Seems as if life has just been going by and my words have stopped or been limited. It’s a mind thing. It’s an excuse at minimum. I guess I got lazy and a little fearful……

My Poetry

I’ve said before that my poetry is extremely personal. Sometimes I write from experience and sometimes I write about the experiences of others. Nonetheless it’s Extremely personal. It’s raw, unfiltered, sometimes harsh. It exposes my insecurities, fears, and flaws. I have to be careful. I want to make sure I’m expressing myself clearly, my thoughts, and feelings. I’m also very sensitive about my work so I have to be in the right mindset to publish work. Not to mention my own critical self not being satisfied. It’s true we’re our own worst critic. But, no one wants to just put trash out there, right?


I enjoy blogging, a lot. Most times it’s kind of like a warm up to clear my mind so that I can write a poetry piece. I also blog when I’m extremely overwhelmed or stressed. Free writing, in a sense. Once it’s in writing I’m usually able to move pass whatever it is that’s causing me those feelings. It’s therapeutic to blog. I also enjoy sharing my experiences with others. The good, bad, and challenging. Partly because I know I can’t be the only one experiencing these things and just Maybe…..MAYBE I’ll be able to help some one.

I’ve plan to get back focused on writing. It’s important to my growth as well as my future.


I have to be honest I’ve felt off balanced since I haven’t been writing consistently. Balance is definitely needed in my life. It’s like my writing is the missing key……

I apologize to myself as well as anyone else that may be looking forward to my words. I promise to be more consistent.


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