I’ll like to tell a story of a girl

Similar to the birds and bees

From the humble beginnings

Beginnings like Adam and Eve

Product of Bonnie, no Clyde

Faster as the wind would allow

Quickness as a strength

Living constantly on the run

Grief caused the distraction

Alternative routes appearing

Once just a long wooded area

Transforming to free open road

Her wisdom and quickness of no benefit

For some things should be slowed, paced

No benefit to finish, if you didn’t enjoy the race.

What’s the benefit of endurance running

If you’re running in a sprinter’s race?

Nothing but false failure

Realizing the familiarity was key

Visions of the open road offered

Offered as a one time only

So she takes the long road

Remembering the 4 chambers

And pace herself, for what was told

For something as simple as a jog

Would be the cure to unfog

All the things, hidden paths her way

Once she found the secret

to keep her heart beating

at a steady pace.

It was then that she succeeded

Her purpose, writing it’s way

And righting the wrongs

And she ran off to paradise.

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