….But you can call me Kaj

My mother named me Jasmine. I’d prefer being called Kaj for now. The Armenian meaning for Kaj is “A spirit of storm and wind; can be both ugly and beautiful”. This describes me much better than Jasmine, which I think is a beautiful name. But you can call me Kaj.

I’m a creator of Art. I love words. I love the feeling of putting them together. More than anything I love poetry. I love the rhythmic feel of it. I love the emotions it draws. I’ve been in love with poetry since I wrote my first Haiku in 1st grade. I love how art of any kind can be interpreted many different ways. I love the discussion it brings. The debate and the cause for deeper meaning.

I enjoy mixing themes and topics and blending them into one piece. Some of my work I purposely leave a galore of mystery. I love tone changes in poetry. I love given my audience mixed emotions. I often reference nature in my work. I have a strong love and admiration for God’s work, especially nature. It’s so beautiful.

My poetry is a mixture of my thoughts, experiences, and others. Sometimes it’s raw and sometimes it’s sugarcoated. Either way it’s my view, the way I see things. It’s personal and I’m sensitive about it. Not too much to take anything personal but I desire for people to feel my words. I desire to create masterpieces every time I write. I want my words to touch and bring emotions. I want people to feel emotions they never thought they could.

If I’m indeed moving and living in purpose I will touch many. This is my ultimate goal. I understand that my art may not be for everyone….Kaj isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. However, I would be doing the ones that it is for a great disservice by not providing this gift God has given me. I must be authentic and transparency is required. Sometimes my words will be beautiful and other times it may seem ugly. Understand I can only provide truth, my truth.

With that said….Hi I’m Kaj and let me welcome you to my journey.  Buckle your seatbelts, this will be one heck of a ride.

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