Can I have some space, please???

I’ve been staying at my sister’s and my toddler has pooped on the floor everyday since we’ve been here. This morning is decided he would just save me the trouble of getting up and he went “poopie” by himself. Please understand this was in no way a good thing. Let’s also add, I’m currently responsible for 7 children(11-2 years old) until 4pm. It’s typically not an issue. But again, my energy has been off so things that normally wouldn’t annoy me are definitely becoming an issue. I have a niece who’s 14 and a nephew who’s 13. They’re not here and I could honestly say I can’t wait to see my niece walk in the door today.

I say this Not because I expect her to help with the children but because her presence brings a silent peace. When she’s here there is a peace amongst the younger children. I enjoy it. Let’s also add that feeding 7 children can be quite tricky. We settled for pancakes this morning. There were no complaints, yet my anxiety wouldn’t let me relax. I have been on edge.

My toddlers constant regression is keeping me on edge. I know it’s to be expected considering there has been a drastic change in his environment. But daaaaaang it, I can not handle all of this. I’m having a very hard time adjusting to the different circumstances. Not to mention I feel the need to try and “save face.” I truly don’t want to be bothered. I want to be left alone so I can think. But, that’s not exactly an option for me.

I’m definitely having a tough time with the change and move.

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