Moving…..with Kids

Here’s the deal. I’m moving with 4 children. Kids ranging from ages 11-2 years old. It’s complete chaos right now. My energy is off, I’ve been fighting my emotions all day, I have a ton of homework that is past due and I’m Moving with 4 Kids! The sucker punch of the day, somebody drunk my soda! Dude! I want to fight a kid! Not, fight as in actually hitting but a push to the ground or a trip would suffice. After repeatedly being told and shown what to do(over the course of a week)my children with the exception of one(because there is always one) have managed to collectively pack a pair of socks.

After the soda incident today I was convinced somebody was trying to call my hands. One of these little precious angel babies from God wanted to test my gangster. However, I heard a sweet spirit saying, “STOP, go take a 30.”

Which brings us here….

I lashed out a little last night because I thought someone threw away a box of old baby clothes. It wasn’t too bad but the mere THREAT of me “spazzing out” was enough to make me take a personal time out. I had to get to the root of the problem.

I later went back in to apologize and explain to them the real reason I got so upset. It wasn’t about the clothes but the memories that they hold. It wasn’t right for me to behave that way especially when I’m attempting to show them differently. It wasn’t that bad of a “lashing” but it shouldn’t have happened. I realized where I…yes I, had moved the clothes and the reason I moved them. When I walked in the kids had also found the tote and was looking through their baby clothes.

Today has been another challenging day thanks to a late start. I’ve found myself with a knot in my throat more times than I can count. It’s hard to break lifelong habits. It’s hard to break those generational curses. However, I am determined to do that.

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