#TBT Kid Edition

I’m scrolling through social media toady and notice it’s #ThrowbackThursday. I ran across a few sweet babies and videos of kids just doing cute kid stuff. I immediately started to thing about my baby who is now a toddler. I smiled a little thinking about how sweet it was having a baby around the house. I begin searching through the videos on my phone and ran across a video of my son at 3 months old. I played the video several times remembering a new detail about the day with each replay.

We’d just finished nursing and you started to make raspberry sounds. I got so excited and grabbed my phone wanting to catch this cuteness overload. The original video was about a minute long. Of course as soon as I turn the camera on, he instantly turns silent. Ugh! He did that a lot. However, after a few moments and me calling his name he did something so mind-blowing. He said, “Maaaaa-ma”. (Cue fireworks show) Not only did he say Mama before Daddy but it was his first word. I often forget that we shared that moment considering he refused to acknowledge me after we stopped nursing.

***Which reminds me, a lot changed when we weened.***

I remember he would acknowledge everyone in the house by name except me. Seriously, people would say “Where’s Mama?” and he would just look around or point to his Dad. Then, we went through the “Bay/Baby” phase. He would only call me Bay or Baby. Which was a step up, but for some reason his dad didn’t think it was too cute. I laugh because it reminds me there was a time I would pay big coins to hear him say Mama. It’s just something about your baby recognizing that you’re Mama, the greatest feeling.

He’s a toddler now…..which is fine….if that’s “your thing”. Personally, I would prefer not to explain 86 times why we have to use tissue for snotty noses. I cringe and baby shame him when he decides to eat snot. Why? Because it’s gross, and toddlers are gross. They are also obnoxious. Seriously, they are! It’s like they’re too head strong. Mentally, they have it all figured out. Physically, not so much. unfortunately, my son is apparently apart of “The Great Debaters” and I’m just getting the memo. He’s definitely required me to relearn everything I thought I knew. Kameron makes me thank God everyday for His grace. Legit. I love the kid but he’s a toddler….with an old man soul. It’s just not my thing.

Luckily, they grow so fast. Although I’m sure I’ll be wishing for this toddler stage in a few years.

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