If I told you, I love you

would that change your ways

If I submit to your wishes

For the rest of my days

Would that make everything

the way it should be?

Would it reverse the hurt

Or humiliation given to me

Is it my sensuality

That you desire?

Is it the match

To your fire?


Is it your nature

To be this way

Tongue and lies

Like sun and rays

It’s always a thin line

Experience served me

The fire in your soul

Was planted by me

Playing a game of chess

was never the intent

for ignorance is upon you

And help is left unsent

For wisdom left undiscovered

will cause your demise

Help died that day

And buried deep by pride

For the greatest loss will sing

Melancholy lyrics during spring

Unversed with 64 squares

Now it’s captured your queen.


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