Untitled….for Now..

I wrote this about 3 years ago. I named it, then removed it. Looking for feedback. Maybe a new name for it. Constructive feedback. I consider myself an artist, so needless to say, I’m sensitive about my work. Either way….enjoy.


I have a friend

that never told an ear

about all my insecurities

or any of my fear.

My friend was there

never did she leave.

I would tell her of my likes

and annoying pet peeves

Never did she judge me

never did she speak

But sitting right there

for all my emotional peaks.

I could relate

feel refresh

continue with life

she was the best.

Our talks would

last for hours

tears flowing

like April showers

Not tears of heartbreak

but tears of bliss

there wasn’t a topic

that we would miss

I had a friend

a friend with no expectations of me

unlike others I was free

Free of expectations

Free to be me

Starting every conversation

with “Dear Diary”




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