An Over-Due Cut

The feeling when I walked in to see the Mr. cutting our youngest son’s hair. The baby is 2 ½ and technically he’s a little over due for a cut but it’s what I’m use to. I guess as much as I complain about having to “comb” or braid his hair, it’s been somewhat of a bonding time for us. He didn’t seem to have a problem with his hair, so why should I? Also, the fact that he has the same sandy red hair as I once had makes me cherish it a little more.


It’s gone! It’s all gone….completely. He’s basically bald. It happened so fast. I eventually left to pick up a few things. I assumed the Mr. would just give him an edge and even out his fro.  When I walked in the final time and saw a bald head, I almost went into a panic attack. I experienced every emotion possible in 30 seconds. After a moment, I saw his little handsome face and my eyes begin to sweat. (Because tears don’t happen to me) Unfortunately, he understands how handsome he is. So The Attitude has been on 12 for the last hour.  I’ll let him celebrate for another hour before I have to burst his bubble.


This got me to thinking. There are about to be a lot of changes in my life. My son’s unexpected hair cut warned me of this. There are some other changes that I know are sure to come, but I’m not ready to discuss those yet. I just want to live in this moment. Maybe I should do that more. Stop worrying so much about the next day or the unexpected. Whatever is meant to happen will happen regardless. I should just embrace the moment. Make the most of it.


The haircut of my son brought me to this. I knew his hair needed to be cut. I even suggested it. I was convinced that what I saw would be a “shape up”. I wasn’t prepared for this nice low, perfectly edged cut. But I LOVE IT!


I’m new to blogging. I’ve always kept journals and written poetry but this is a little different. Some days I may share my journals. Some days only poetry or short stories will be posted. My promise is to be authentic through my words. Just a little FYI….this is healing for me. I guess a cheap version of therapy. Either way, if you’re following my page, Welcome…or enjoy this journey.

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